Affinor Growers’ (RSSFF) Vertical Farming System Has Many Advantages

Affinor Growers’ (RSSFF) Vertical Farming System Has Many Advantages

Bolton Flautt  Follow | Wednesday, 02 November 2016 16:48 (EST)

Agriculture is one industry that will always be a major part of our global economy for obvious reasons of course… We all gotta eat. A growing world population is a concern that our demand will be greater than our supply. Affinor Growers (RSSFF) is a farming technology company, engaged in designing, patenting, and commercializing vertical farming technology for indoor controlled environment and outdoor greenhouse agriculture industry in North America. It produces strawberries and other crops, such as romaine lettuce and herbs using vertical farming technology. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is led by Chief Executive Officer, Interim President, and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Jarrett Malnarick.

Mr. Malnarick commenting on Affinor Growers’ purchase agreement with THC BioMed to install Affinor’s tower vertical farming system, “Affinor Growers looks to align itself in all agriculture sectors such as fresh produce, fruiting plants, and flowers. As a technology seller of vertical growing systems, this new relationship with THC BioMed allows us to continue business development within different sectors pertaining to plants and demonstrate the diversity of the technology in the vertical farming space. Affinor will now have several installations of the technology within commercial settings actively growing different crops.”

Technological advancements have occurred in every industry except agriculture. However, new challenges in food security, dwindling natural resources and population growth have created agricultural problems that can only be solved through the use of technology. As a practice, traditional farming is not going to disappear, but it is crucial that alternative agricultural practices be devised to alleviate the pressure imposed by conventional farming methods.

As a solution, Affinor Growers offers patented agricultural technology and proprietary cultivation systems for vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Controlled Vertical Farming has a number of inherent advantages. Compared to conventional farms, it is significantly more efficient in terms of usage of space and reliance on water. Vertical farming also enables foods to be are grown in soils without the use of pesticides, nutrient rich and free from chemical contaminates. Because they can be implemented virtually anywhere, Controlled Vertical farming systems can serve communities where certain foods are not normally grown.

The fresh food organic produce is a $33.8 billion industry and is expected to nearly double by 2020. In continental North America, there are over 17,000 hectares of greenhouse farms. Affinor is the only company to offer patented vertical farming technology to both the indoor controlled environment and outdoor greenhouse industries. Affinor’s vertical farming technology will help farmers gain certain advantages by optimizing growing conditions, extending growing seasons year round and improving yields of production per square foot, as well as by improving quality through automated harvesting, handling and packaging systems.

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