How To Guarantee Your Greenhouse Success Story?

How To Guarantee Your Greenhouse Success Story?

Why a comprehensive project lifecycle methodology with a proven methodology and complete services package, delivered by the right partner is key to growing your greenhouse business profitably.

When planning a greenhouse project, farmers and investors alike face a long list of worries and concerns. How will I know if my project is financially viable? Will it be completed on time? Once construction is complete, will my team have the agronomic knowhow to create the optimal growing conditions for successful harvests?

To answer these questions and give you the confidence to initialize a greenhouse project, it helps to have a partner that combines deep agronomic expertise with a comprehensive and proven greenhouse project lifecycle methodology; one that addresses all stages of the project from feasibility assessment through planning and design to agronomic planning, operations, and maintenance services. 

Managing your Greenhouse project: From start to success.

In the feasibility assessment stage, a preliminary evaluation of the project is conducted to determine its viability and financial viability. In certain cases, a full feasibility study is required to analyze a range of aspects, including preferred technology, workforce requirements, agronomical aspects and financial analysis. 

Tailor-made solution

As every project inevitably brings a unique set of requirements, it is critical to plan and design a tailor-made solution that meets your climatic and agronomical challenges head-on. It begins with choosing the right structure, be it a glasshouse, polyhouse or nethouse, and fitting it with the right equipment and accessories to ensure an optimal growing environment. 

Next, it is important to choose an execution model, turnkey or supply and supervision, that fits your needs and your desired level of peace of mind.

The operations and maintenance stage is often the most critical stage in the project. Services such as agronomical guidance and consultancy, technical support for the structure and equipment and marketing linkages to off-takers, will determine if your project will be successful and financially viable in the long term.

In summary: Managing a successful greenhouse operation can be complex and full of pitfalls. Choosing a greenhouse project partner with deep agronomy expertise who can accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle with a proven methodology can give extra peace of mind and ensure high-quality results and rapid return on your investment. 

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Publication date: 5/30/201

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