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iGrow News Is an online digital platform which allows individuals, companies, universities, and researchers of the urban indoor farming industry to connect, ask questions and network with other industry individuals in their field, in order to gain knowledge as well as spread knowledge.

To research topics that may be of interest, scan the industry activity and to get the latest in industry news, check out what your fellow urban farmers are doing by keeping up with the activity on iGrow News.

We have a product that allows you to connect worldwide and facilitate business like never before in the history of urban farming.

American Association of Urban & Indoor Farmers

Who Are We?

The Urban & Indoor farming movement is expanding by the minute. For this movement to live up to its potential, it needs the tools to grow and thrive. That’s where we come in.

For our community to thrive and reach our fullest potential together as professionals and consumers in a unique movement, we need to work together. We need to connect, build relationships, and create a better business environment that benefits everyone.

Connect with us on iGrow News, Join our mailing list, so that you will be notified when The American Association of Urban & Indoor Farmers will be accepting applications for membership.  

We realized early on at iGrow News that we wouldn’t just be a platform for the produce industry; Just as professionals in the produce business, consumers of produce also need a reliable and informative resource in order to keep informed of the latest innovations.

We are currently developing the consumer portion of our site. 

Soon you will be able to create a profile and interact with not only like-minded produce consumers but also professionals in the industry.

iGrow News is developing iGrow Funding to assist the indoor farming community with their financing requirements.

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Herbert H. Kliegerman is the Co-Founder and publisher of iGrow.News. He spent 20 years+ in the field of Real Estate business. He is helping aspiring agripreneurs setup their dream. E-Mail: Herb@iGrow.News