Can Vertical Farming Feed The World And Change The Agriculture Industry?

While vertical farms can help with local hunger issues and sustainability, there are some barriers that may keep them from gaining worldwide traction. The cost of setting up a vertical farm can be prohibitive. Conservative estimates put the initial start-up cost at around $110,000, but there are estimates upward of millions of dollars.

Silicon Valley Executive Craig Elliott Joins Autogrow

Entrepreneur and technology expert Craig Elliott has joined global agtech company Autogrow as an Independent Director.  “We are incredibly excited to welcome Craig to the Autogrow family and our Board of Directors. His wealth of experience will be an asset to the company as we continue our global expansion,” says CEO Darryn Keiller. 

Indoor Farm Hopes To Bring Locally Grown Produce, Technological Innovation To Las Vegas Food Market

 Oasis Biotech, an indoor hydroponic farm in Las Vegas that’s gearing up to ship its crops to restaurants on the casino-dotted Strip. It’s the first step in a new-age farming process that doesn’t carry the traditional trappings of the industry. No soil, tractors or natural sunlight exist in this 215,000-square-foot-building-turned-farm.